Archibald Warnock
A/WWW Enterprises

v1.41, 15 May 1998

Isearch -d dbname [-V][-p X][-q][-t][-and][-rpn][-infix][-prefix X][-suffix X][-byterange][-startdoc X][-enddoc X][-o opt][-RECT{N S E W}] expression
[-d (X)]
Search database with root name (X)
Print the version number.
[-p (X)]
Present element set (X) with results.
Print results and quit immediately.
Print terse results and quit immediately.
Perform boolean "and" on results.
Interpret as an RPN query.
Interpret as a boolean algebra query.
[-prefix (X)]
Add prefix (X) to matched terms in document.
[-suffix (X)]
Add suffix (X) to matched terms in document.
Print the byte range of each document within the file that contains it.
[-startdoc (X)]
Display result set starting with the (X)th document in the list.
[-enddoc (X)]
Display result set ending with the (X)th document in the list.
[-RECT{North South West East}]
Find targets that overlap this geographic rectangle.
[-o (X)]
Document type specific option.
(X) (Y) (...)
Search for words (X), (Y), etc.
Prefix with fieldname/ for fielded searching.
Append * for right truncation.
Append :n for term weighting (default=1).
(Use negative values to lower rank.)
Isearch -d POETRY truth "beaut*" urn:2
Isearch -d WEBPAGES title/library
Isearch -d STORIES -rpn title/cat title/dog or title/mouse and
Isearch -d STORIES -infix '(title/cat or title/dog) and title/mouse'
Isearch -d PRUFROCK -infix '(ether and table) or mermaids'
Isearch -d BIBLE -infix '(Saul||Goliath)&&David'